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Partizan Studios in London. Animating and in-betweening on the

'Muller : Wonderful Life' Commercial.

Being part of this project was a great fun. Working on various characters such as the Mr.Men was really enjoyable. I put my all into the work and often worked late to help the team meet the deadlines.

David Wilson @Colonel Blimp. Animation, Clean-Up, Digital Post Production.

​'Japanese Popstars : Let Go'

A great video that featured the type of animation that I really enjoy doing. Working off-site with my wacom in hand proved to be an effective and time consuming method. Animation Clean-Up  was done in photoshop on, as usual, countless drawings.


Tom Mead, Arts Institute at Bournemouth


University Graduation Film. As lead Animator on this project I appreciated every moment and task that this role entailed. Completed in a professional studio environment, a small dedicated team worked their fingers down to the bone to create this masterpiece.

E4 Sting Competition.

'E4 Capsule'

A very rushed hand-drawn animation completed in under a week.

Starting this project late was a real pain. I really liked the style that I was building towards, but had to cut the creativity short due to time restrictions.

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